How To Dress for any Chic, Professional Conference

Fashionable, Yet Professional Outfits Part II

The guests who were invited to the Luckyfabb conference did not disappoint when it came to putting together incredibly chic outfits. It looked as if the best dressed guests from New York Fashion Week were plucked from Lincoln Center’s runways and dropped in to Lucky Magazine’s offices!

In this post we’ve created another round of fashionable, yet professional, ensembles inspired by the bloggers who attended the two day event. If you ever have the opportunity to go to any chic conferences such as Luckyfabb–we’re talking to you, awesome female bloggers and startup founders out there!–here are some quick tips:

Tips on How To Create the Perfect Outfit for any Chic Conference

  1. Wear BOLD colors

  2. Fashionable footwear is a must
  3. Accessories make the outfit
  4. Splurge for a blow out
  5. Take time to jazz up your make up a little more than usual
  6. Pick ONE trend and rock it
  7. Mixing high and low trends is very chic
  8. Make your outfit truly stand out with unique patterns, sequins, or one-of-a-kind finds

Fashionable Yet Professional Outfit Suggestions: Luckyfabb Edition!


Fashionable Yet Professional
Fashionable Yet Professional
Fashionable Yet Professional

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