Top Wellness Spots in NYC with Addison Bay + The Chic Series

Exploring Top Wellness Spots in NYC With Founder of Athleisure Brand Addison Bay

Addison Bay + The Chic Series

Team Up For A Day Of Self-Care In NYC

Meet Marguerite the founder of super chic athleisure and athletic wear destiation, Addison Bay.  Together we teamed up to explore the top wellness destinations in NYC and here is why.  Marghi and I overlap in many ways but its our passion for self-care that brought us together.  We both played lacrosse in college and after spending years training and wearing sweats we both knew that the previous way of life would lead us to a new one.  Marghi’s mission was clear as she set out to show women that athleisure can be chic.  She launched Addison Bay in 2018 to fill the gap in the industry by merging fitness and fashion and proving to women everywhere that looking is feeling good.

After connecting on the phone we realized we wanted to bring attention to a bigger mission.  On a daily basis we both promote living a healthy lifestyle.  However, we both know and agree that the mental aspect is just as important as the physical aspect.  As the wellness industry continues to expand so does the attention being focused on mental well-being, a movement we both can get behind.  So together we conquered the top wellness destinations in NYC that will help you find and maintain mental health.

Our Top Pick for the Best Mind & Body Wellness Spot in NYC: Soulcycle

From Left To Right: Sports Bra // Leggings // Side-Zip Sneakers // Red Jacket // Sports Bra // Side Stripe Leggings // Sneakers

As busy moms we both like to start our day with a workout.  Starting your day with a workout changes your perspective on the day.  Soulcycle not only has the ability to change your body but more importantly your mindset.  You will leave exhausted yet energized.

What To Wear: Embrace the confidence you will find at Soulcycle and rock a matching sports bra and legging set to class like the ones we are wearing.

Our Top Pick for the Best Beauty Wellness Spot in NYC:

















Blushington is a super chic space that offers beauty services.  At Blushington they believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident.  Their expert makeup artists and estheticians have provide the very best in personalized, modern beauty experiences from professional makeup applications, lash extensions and brow maintenance to skincare services, makeup lessons and more.

If I had to recommend a service at Blushington it would be the makeup application with the lesson.  I’m guilty of applying my minimal amount of makeup in the rearview mirror of my car.  Its partially due to the fact that I don’t really know how to apply more makeup than tinted moisturizer, gloss and mascara.  After seeing their skills below I knew I needed to learn how to take this mama from bleak to chic.  And I think we can all agree that when you look good, you just feel better right?  Could you imagine if a professional makeup artist did your makeup everyday.  I’m pretty sure my outlook would always be sunny.

Sweatshirt // Printed Leggings // Golden Goose Sneakers // Hair & Makeup

What To Wear: You can for the most part wear whatever you want but we couldn’t resist playing off their beautiful blush backdrop with our chic cream ensembles.

Our Top Pick for the Best Mental Wellness Spot in NYC:


From Left To Right: Cropped Sweatshirt // Leggings // Zip-Up Hoodie // Sports Bra // Tie Waist Leggings

If there is something that is trending in the health & wellness world right now, it is meditation.  I often found meditation intimidating or boring – a clear sign I needed to try it – but after entering into this bright beautiful space it is anything but.

MNDFL, features expert teachers from a variety of traditions offering simple techniques in an accessible manner. Even if you think you can’t meditate, they have teachers and a space that will prove you delightfully wrong.

What To Wear:  Keep it comfy and cozy.  Your focus should be on your breathing and on your instructor’s guided meditation not on your uncomfortable clothes.  Both of our outfits will allow you to keep your focus where it should be.


Our Top Pick for the Best Overall Wellness Experience in NYC:

Montauk Salt Cave

From Left To Right: Striped Sweatshirt // Leaf Leggings // Scrunchie // Star Sweatshirt // Pink Sweats (on sale!)

The benefits of a salt cave session are endless.  This is one experience I highly recommend.  The experience is both energizing and refreshing.

What is Salt Therapy? AKA HALOTHERAPY

Salt Therapy, aka Halotherapy, is an alternative treatment for a wide variety of ailments and conditions: asthma, allergies, anxiety, inflammation, skin issues, and even the common cold.  The treatment offers a unique, natural therapy that allows you to get a sense of peace and serenity, while simply breathing. The salt air is made up of negatively-charged ionized salt particles.  These particles help to clear all pollens, viruses, pollutants and toxins of the lungs and nasal passageways, which in essence works to treat and prevent illness. The salt also works to heal the body as soon as its negative ions enter the nasal passageway, which then travel through the respiratory tract and into the bloodstream to be dispersed throughout the body.

What To Wear: Once again keep it comfy and cozy and make sure you bring socks.  If you forget your Addison Bay sweatshirt at home Montauk Salt Cave has super cozy options (pictured above) that you will love.

Our Top Pick for the Best Healthy Eatery Spot in NYC:






































We have all been three you choose the buttered bagle instead of the Honeybrains Huevos Rancheros.  The result you feel sluggish, bloated and experience a dip in energy levels and spike in hunger.  The truth is food can either act as medicine for the body or poision.  It sounds harsh but just do some research.  As I found the information can be overwhelming and at times can feel like a scam.  When I discovered Honeybrains I reached out and connected with the owner who is just as incredible as the concept behind this restaurant.  She confirmed that correct food fuels your body but more importantly your brain.  She took it a step further and explained the science behind it.

Honeybrains is a place you can go on any day of the week, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, to find good food, and more, for your body and brain.  They are insanely passionate about empowering you with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve a healthy body and brain. Everything they create is 100% based on neuroscience and designed for your overall well-being. This includes their delicious food, their Brain Bar featuring coffee and tea (you won’t find any processed sugars here), their healthful homemade juices, and their nutrient-based supplements.

They make everything from scratch and everything you see at Honeybrains is good for you.  At Honeybrains, they believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a brain-healthy lifestyle and that it should be fun.  I was eager to put the menu to the test.  After a veryyyyyy long day of trekking around NYC I along with our incredible photographer KJ taste tested the menu.  Every single thing was absolutely delicious.  The best part was we didn’t leave feeling bloated or empty.  The environment is warm and friendly and there is even a co-working space in the center of the restaurant.  Honeybrains truly helps you look good and feel good, inside and out.

What To Wear:  A casual yet chic destination.  Any outfit from Addison Bay will be perfectly suitable.

From Left To Right: Black Jumpsuit // Camo Sneakers // Heart Sunglasses // Camo Jumpsuit // Sunglasses // Side-Zip Sequin Sneakers

Thank you so much for following along!  If you can’t make it to one of these gems in NYC we encourage you to step out of your physical fitness bubble and switch out one of your standards sessions for a mental health session.  You can thank us later.

Special thanks to our incredible photographer and fellow lacrosse alum who trekked around the city with us all day!

Photos: Karen Vierbuchen 


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