Baby Store Shopping, From A Man’s Perspective

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Baby Store Shopping From A Dad’s Perspective

Alright, so let’s face it, the thought of buying only the best and safest products for your children can bring up all sorts of emotions.  On the one hand you’re excited about the opportunity to get something you and your child will love for years. On the other hand you may have a sense of being overwhelmed at all of the different options and wondering about the laws for carseats and which way they’re supposed to be facing, what are the height and weight guidelines for the different seats.  Fret not, Moms and Dads, buybuy Baby is here to help.  Think of buybuy Baby as your one-stop shop for everything babies and toddlers.

Recently Kate and I packed up Summer and Isabella on a Sunday morning to head over to the buybuy Baby store in Charlotte to take a look at their strollers and car seats.  As Isabella was just turning 4 and prefers walking to being in a stroller and Summer was now starting to outgrow her infant car seat, it was time for us to update our single stroller and Summer’s car seat.  As a Dad, I can attest to the desire to make as few purchases as possible on products that will accommodate children throughout the various stages of their child hood.

And as much as I love the buybuy Baby store, going on a Sunday during football season wasn’t necessarily on the top of my what-i-want-to-do list.  I mean, there were 14 NFL games on over the next 10 hours.  What self-respecting football fan would choose  following their children around picking up toy after toy that they find stimulating for three seconds?  Nonetheless, I put on a happy face, hopped in the car and made my way over to the store in search of the perfect stroller and car seat.

Working With A buybuy Baby Expert

buybuy Baby was nice enough to have their car seat and stroller expert, Dewayane, assist us from start to finish during our trip to the store.  Dewayne was amazing.  There is no other way to describe our experience with him.  He was knowledgeable, sociable, patient and able to put up with The Brennan’s shenanigans.  Despite having already gone through the car seat update with Isabella when she transferred from the infant stage to toddler stage we were still unsure of the rules about when children can go from a rear-facing carseat to it’s forward-facing cousin, what the height and weight limits/restrictions are as well as what the latest safety technology was on the market.  Dewayne was here to answer every single one of our questions.  It was very comforting to know that the experts at buybuy Baby would have all of the answers to our questions and help us choose the perfect stroller and carseat.

Selecting the Right Car Seat

The carseat.  Let’s discuss this a little further.  I’m not sure why carseats take 45 minutes to install in your car ever get produced.  When Isabella was born, the team it took outside of the hospital to install the carseat was larger than the team it took to actually deliver the baby for cryin’ out loud.  And like many families, Kate and I have two cars.  So transferring the carseat from one car to the other can take up half of your day.  The pleasant memories of the death matches with our previous carseat over the years led us to two main requests for our new one: we wanted it to be the safest car seat possible while maintaining a fair amount of seamlessness when transferring from one car to the other.

BRITAX The Advocate® ClickTight® ARB XE Convertible Car Seat

Dewayne was there to give suggestions on what may match our requests while also keeping us on track with the laws about carseats.  We ended up going with the BRITAX The Advocate® ClickTight® ARB XE Convertible Car Seat and couldn’t be happier.  One of the best things about the carseat aside from it’s safety and easy installation is the cup attachment that it comes with.  As you may remember, at right about the same time babies transition out of the infant carseat they’re also starting to hold their own bottles and those small cups of food that you inevitably find all over your house.  This BRITAX has a handy side cup that attaches to the carseat and allows your child to put their drink or food down when they’re finished with it.

Selecting the Right Stroller

The stroller.  We have a double stroller which is fantastic when Isabella doesn’t feel like walking or if we’re going to be out of the house for a while.  But recently, as Isabella gets older she prefers to walk on her own which means pushing around a double stroller is not only more difficult but unneeded at this point.  One of our main concerns was the ease of being able to fold it up, we didn’t want one that felt cheap or unstable during our races through the airport or for our marathon trips to the mall.

So after chasing the girls around buybuy Baby a little longer and cleaning up the tornado-like destruction they were causing, we spoke with Dewayne about what was important to us.  Again, i can’t give Dewayne enough credit when it comes to his insight and product knowledge.   Did you know that buybuy Baby has the largest selection of strollers in the US?  What?!  Talk about overwhelming!

We decided to go with the Maclaren Techno XT Style Set Stroller in Black/Black.  It’s funny because while I don’t consider myself to be much of a handyman, i also feel like i shouldn’t need an engineering degree to figure out how to breakdown or set up a stroller.  Sometimes I wonder if the companies that make these strollers get to the final product building stage and then ask themselves “okay, so now how can we make this as difficult as possible for the parents to assemble?”  I can’t be the only person that thinks this way.

I probably shouldn’t admit this but I don’t read all of the warnings and fine print in the manuals, but I’ve gotta believe there’s a section dedicated to the potential risks of severing a finger or hand, no?  But alas, Maclaren has come up with the perfect fit.  This Maclaren Techno XT Style Set Stroller comes with everything you need from the sun canopy to the rain cover, a very convenient cup holder and the bottom carriage which can hold everything from diapers and wipes to full outfit changes or blankets, etc. All of this and you don’t have to worry about a trip to the emergency room to reattach the finger you severed while trying to fold up the stroller!

With the Maclaren Techno XT Style Set Stroller in Real Life

So the next time (preferably not on a Sunday afternoon) you and the family need some updating to any of your children’s products, make your way over to buybuy Baby and ask the folks there for some help.  If like me, you want to make your trip as efficient as possible, call ahead and ask to make an appointment with one of the department specialists so they too can guide you to your perfect pain-free purchase.

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