Welcome to The Chic Series.

I’m Kate Brennan, mom to two little girls, Isabella and Summer, wife to Kevin, former buyer for Ralph Lauren, and a now a resident of Long Island after a short layover in Charlotte, North Carolina. Think, a mix of city chic with a casual twist for the suburbs. My approach to life is less is more, quality over quantity, and time is a gift, so celebrate every single day. The mission behind The Chic Series is to provide tips to help you get your “chic” together.

The Chic Series was created to help women live an all around chic life.

Due to my background in fashion, I’ve acquired so many tips on how to dress your body and build an outfit. My goal is to inspire and share tools with busy women to help them look and feel their best. I love giving busy moms like me, tips and tricks for how to consistently look chic without breaking the bank or spending hours getting ready. If I have inspired one woman to believe that she is beautiful on the inside and outside, then I have succeeded in my job.

While, fashion is my passion, health and wellness is the foundation of my life. I try to start everyday with a workout because I believe it promotes positivity and allows you to put your best self out there.

Recently, The Chic Series has evolved into more than just fashion, beauty, fitness, and lifestyle.

After recent life events, I took a break from blogging.  Social media became overwhelming and I missed the in person connection and the healing power of human interaction.  This lead me to realize that I really enjoy hosting events!  Events are my opportunity to bring The Chic Series to life and show you in person the things that I truly love.  In addition, it helps us as women form the community that we so desperately need.  There is so much more to learn in life from looking up instead of staring down at our phones.  Stay up to date on all events by subscribing to my emails!  Looking forward to bringing you along on this journey!

If you are hoping to connect with other busy women who are trying to be the best version of themselves, The Chic Series Community has something for you.  If you are interested in partnering together on an event or have an idea you would love to see come to life I would love to hear it!

Feel free to reach out and say hi by emailing me at Kate@TheChicSeries.com. You can also find me Instagram!

XOXO, Kate

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