2016 Seasonal Scapes Blog Challenge

2016 Scapes Challenge





I’m so happy to be kicking off the sharing the new face of DYG with so many exciting things! For my first DIY decor post on the new site, I’m participating in the 2016 Seasonal Scapes Blog Challenge hosted by Madison, Lauren and Linda of Lauren Nicole Designs. Head to their post to read about their Seasonal Scape and to be entered to win a a beautiful prize – all you have to do is comment on their blog post to be entered!

I chose to refresh the vanity/dresser in my guest room. It’s a room that really hasn’t gotten much design love at all since I moved in. The dresser turned vanity is a hand me down that I knew I’d do something with at some point – so this was the perfect opportunity!

I have been dying to try covering a piece of furniture or counter top with contact paper, so that’s exactly what I did! I transformed the top of this nicked and scratched up white wood dresser by covering it with white marble contact paper. The application was super easy and I am so happy with the results. Has anyone ever tried this ?! If you’re looking for a cheap, quick and easy update to something old that’s not so permanent, you need to try this!

I added a huge white mirror that came from another dresser in my apartment that’s been sitting in a closet since I moved in. Perfect for applying make up and doing my hair in front of!

As for the decor – I am loving the southwestern, natural vibe (that I’ve been seeing a lot of for trends this spring), simple lines and contrasting colors. The vanity scape is small so I wanted to keep it simple and uncluttered. Typically folded laundry or make up and hair accessories covered this space leaving it messy and not pretty to look at!

Below are all of the items I purchased for this mini makeover 2016 Seasonal Scapes Challenge!

Don’t forget to head to Lauren Nicole Designs Blog and comment on their 2016 Seasonal Scapes Blog Challenge to be entered to win a giveaway to help you update a scape of your own!


Lamps: Target

Books: Pretty Honest, Do Good Design, The Body Book

White Geo Candle Holder: Bed Bath & Beyond

Pot: Anthropologie

2 Tiered Plate: Target


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