The Chic Series, formerly, Dress Your Guests, is a collection of posts inspired by classic, simple, and polished style. Our mission is to inspire women to look and feel their best --- in the gym, running errands around town, at home with family or a night out with friends.

Ab Exercises To Prevent The Post Pregnancy Pooch

Okay so you had your baby or babies and you are looking down at your core like, “will you ever return to normal?”  Well, the answer is yes.  These effective moves combined with Nancy Anderson’s 30 Day Slim Down eating plan will help you get back to your pre-baby self or in my case even

No Gym Required Post Partum and Pre Natal Workout: Full Body

I have been a longtime fan of Barry’s Bootcamp : a highly effective workout studio that has a bad ass atmosphere.  When my husband told us we were leaving NYC to move to Charlotte I told him I couldn’t go because Barry’s was not there.  True story.  Lucky for me AND YOU

Perfect Pregnancy Workout: No Gym Required, Safe for Pre-Natal

So you are pregnant and you are watching your abs fade away?  I know the feeling.  Luckily, my good friend, Nancy Anderson created a baby on board core workout routine that is safe.  Hesitant about attempting it?  As long as you are cleared by your doctor to exercise your core you


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