The Chic Series, formerly, Dress Your Guests, is a collection of posts inspired by classic, simple, and polished style. Our mission is to inspire women to look and feel their best --- in the gym, running errands around town, at home with family or a night out with friends.

Vibrating Baby Bed: A Halo Snoozypod Review

Can anyone else relate to this scenario in your bedroom?   Its bedtime and after a long day you just want five minutes to yourself to unwind.  Your favorite magazine or book has been sitting on your nightstand untouched for god knows how long. You haven’t been able to read it

Losing A Mother At An Early Age, Body Shaming, & Inspiring Health & Wellness

I’m so excited to introduce The Chic Series community to a very special & inspiring individual: Christina Canterino.

Christina and I initially connected through a mutual friend.  Someone forwarded on a class that I was teaching for The Movemeant Foundation – a charity that raises money to help promote positive body

How To Transition Your Look From Summer To Fall

Sweater Dress // Cami // Denim  // Sandals  – also love this embellished style

When August hits retailers start to sprinkle in fall pieces and slash the prices of summer apparel.  My favorite bright bold colors head to the sale rack. Then I’m left staring at muted neutrals and deep berry shades.




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